Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"I'd enjoy public speaking more if..." What readers said

I recently asked readers to finish the sentence "I'd enjoy public speaking more if..." It was not a surprise to me that they responded with a lot of self-awareness, pet peeves about the speaking process, and enthusiasm. Here are their responses:

  • Kelli Schmith said "if I did it more often and organizers effectively understood their attendees."
  • Colleen Intero said "if I had even more audiences!"
  • Joy-Mari Cloete said "...if I didn't lose my train of thought mid-way through a presentation."
  • Beth Schachter said "if I could more effectively engage the audience. (Most of my talks are meant to be instructive. I'm a big fan of participatory learning but my seminars/workshops don't always show it.)
  • Erin Donley said "if there was an audience already there and I didn't have to be the one doing all the marketing."

How would you finish the sentence? Leave your response in the comments and add to the list.

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