Monday, October 3, 2011

September's top 10 #publicspeaking tips and issues

In September, readers zoomed in and focused on these public speaking and presenting tips--as well as several inspiring examples of great women speakers. Here are the month's most-read posts:
  1. Michelle Obama's speech to young African women leaders, one of our Famous Speech Friday posts, took the top spot in this month's popular posts. 
  2. Do you under-explain? 3 ways to check whether you're saying too little focused on the speaker whose reticence might be holding her back.
  3. Why speakers should let audience members doodle, which includes a video of a TED talk on doodling and its impact on listening, also struck a nerve with readers--this post was widely shared on social networks.
  4. Do you end sentences with an upward inflection? 3 ways to sound sure of yourself considered a speaking habit many listeners find annoying--or worse, an erosion of your credibility. I offer you some practice tips for getting rid of this habit, and information on intonation to help you think it through.
  5. No projector? No problem--Use QR codes and SlideShare to share your slides offers a high-tech but simple way to recover when the projector breaks--or just isn't there.
  6. I declare: Use language to sound confident as a speaker helps you reorganize your sentence structure to come across confidently.
  7. Nellie McClung's "Should Men Vote?" was a popular Famous Speech Friday post about a funny, bold Canadian suffragette who turned the tables on detractors--and helped advance votes for women. A great reader suggestion led me to this post, which will make you laugh and learn at the same time.
  8. Lucille Ball's acceptance speech at her Variety Club tribute showed this funny lady striking a balance between humor and composure--and can teach you some tips for handling award acceptance speeches with style.
  9. Get insider tips on debating, moderating shared newsman Jim Lehrer's new book about his 11 turns as moderator for televised U.S. presidential debates. It's loaded with stories, tales of his and others' mistakes, and lots of insight and advice for moderators and debaters.
  10. Princess Diana and the ban on landmines, our final Famous Speech Friday for September, was quick to make this list. The post looks at a speech given three weeks before her death, in which she strove for--and achieved--a more serious, substantive look and voice.
Thanks so much for reading this month!

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