Monday, December 5, 2011

Apps and video updates from TED, TEDxWomen and TEDMED

Making great talks available widely is the hallmark of all the TED conferences, and this week, you have three new ways to access outstanding talks from three different TEDs:
  • TED now has an iPhone app that's similar to its iPad application. Now while you're mobile, you can request talks by subject or by length, listen to "TED radio" in a continual stream of talks, share talks with your social media pals, and more. Get the app here.
  • TEDxWomen took place December 1 and is already posting videos. It's a treasure trove of eloquent women speakers and eloquent speakers about women's issues. You've got to love Gloria Steinem's line“I was in a taxi the other day and I didn’t have my iPhone so I tried thinking instead.” She's just one of an impressive lineup of speakers from this daylong event.
  • The first wave of TEDMED videos from the 2010 conference are online, talking about big challenges and new findings in health and medicine. I was fortunate to attend this TEDMED, and am happy to share one of my favorite talks, by Pfizer Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Freda Lewis-Hall. She proposes getting beyond your typical networks to build networks for meta-collaboration, and at about the 15:46 mark, reveals one of her personal motivations in improving health care: Her grandmother's struggle with Alzheimer's. In a brilliant moment of audience engagement, she asks the audience in one third of the room to raise their hands to show the proportion of the population that will eventually suffer from age-related dementia--then tells the other two-thirds of the audience that they represent the people who'll be taking care of them. Watch the talk in the video below:


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