Monday, April 2, 2012

Presentation smarts: Shorter slide decks get read

If you're cramming lots of detail and data into your slide deck, expecting that your audience will take the time to absorb it later when you circulate the deck, beware. A new infographic, Don't suck at meetings, from online meeting platform Sales Crunch, zeroes in on just how many of your slides get read after the presentation. The take-home lesson? Shorter slide decks get read more, and read for longer periods of time.  I've excerpted that part of the infographic for you, below, and here are the numbers to know:
  • Short is sweet: A short deck of slides from 1-20 pages in length will be read fully 40 percent of the time. Recipients will spend 52 seconds reading each page of a slide deck if it is 1-10 pages in length.
  • Medium is more rare: A medium-sized deck, from 20-40 pages, will be read 25 percent of the time. Your readers will spend 35 seconds per page if the deck is 41-50 pages long.
  • Long isn't strong: A long deck--more than 40 pages--is read fully just 14 percent of the time, and each page gets just 10 seconds of attention if the deck is more than 100 pages.
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Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. said...

I create a lot of decks. Since I work for a research firm, we typically create decks that are 100+ slides or more. It was eye opening to see how little of these HUGE decks I pour my soul into get read. I am not surprised though. We recently had a client ask us to condense a HUGE deck into just 40 slides. Even that was challenging but a good challenge.

Damian Fogarty, kidney specialist said...

Before we rush off to reduce our slidesets has anyone analysed these questions in different reader groups. eg sales teams, teachers, doctors, scientists, lawyers,etc. I think there will be differences depending on the environment, the lecturer and the audience.