Monday, July 16, 2012

What do you most dislike about slide presentations? Readers spout

Let's face it: Slides bring out the best and worst in both speakers and audiences, and there's plenty to dislike about how they're used and misused.

Recently, I asked followers of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook what they most disliked about slide presentations--either as speakers themselves, or as members of the audience. Here's a sampling of the response, in which reading slides and too many bells and whistles took the fore:

    • Ann Simeoli When the presenter reads all the slides to me, I can read. Thanks!
      Thursday at 11:47am ·  · 1

    • Kelli Stevens Levey When the print is too small to read and when the presenter reads from them rather than adding details not on the slide.

    • M.E. Steele-Pierce Thumbs down to presentations in which the slides are "documents," text-heavy. Pet peeves: clip art and animation.
      Thursday at 11:56am via mobile · 

    • Aimee Barnes Smith Presenters who use animation to make the text "spin" onto the screen, and those who do not use PPT's animation tools when they would really be effective to help make your point (i.e. Zooming to highlight part of a diagram that you are talking about). And please no sound effects unless you are sharing a related audio or video clip!
      Thursday at 5:23pm via mobile · 

What about you? What are your major dislikes about slide presentations--either as a speaker or as one in the audience? Share your thoughts in the comments.