Monday, January 7, 2013

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

A Martin Luther King quote for the new year
For the new year, a new feature on the blog. Readers who follow The Eloquent Woman on Facebook are already used to seeing links to good reads, resources and ideas from other sources there, in addition to posts from the blog. Now I'll be reversing the process by summarizing that extra content and putting it here on the blog, so all readers can benefit. Every weekly speaker toolkit will include a mix of the practical and the inspirational for speakers, especially women speakers. Here's a look at the week just past:
  • Speaking up to stop the wage gap: Previous studies have shown that women in the workplace often don't ask for raises, not because they don't think they deserve them, but because they think their chances are less good than those of male peers, and they've been right about that. But experts still feel that women shouldn't settle for less. Now there's a slew of programs aimed at revving up the stalled progress toward closing the wage gap, with programs at universities, Girl Scout troops, YWCAs and more, and the focus of these training efforts it to get women used to speaking up for better pay.
  • A toast to Toastmasters: This woman writes about enrolling in Toastmasters to overcome her speaking fears, but only after attending a sample meeting and deciding not to join. She writes, "What I didn’t realize then was that the meetings aren’t mandatory and the program is self paced. I also didn’t grasp how supportive and non-threatening the environment truly is. Luckily that sunk in this summer and I faced my fears, became a member and am now loving the experience."
  • I made a town meeting gasp is the account of a fearful speaker who got up the nerve on an issue important to her, sustainable transportation. Read how she managed to make her point stick with a prop, and how she felt about speaking up in a very public setting.
  • Sound good? Care of your voice is critical, particularly for frequent speakers. Make use of these tips for keeping your voice healthy, originally aimed at singers by an experienced engineer and producer.
  • About the quote: The blog shares visual quotes about speaking on the Facebook page and on Pinterest. This Martin Luther King, Jr. quote was our New Year's Day post on Facebook and can be found on The Eloquent Woman's Pinterest board of quotes about public speaking.
  • Toward better presos: A legendary ad man shared this advice on organizing presentations back in 1981, and it's still useful stuff to know.
  • Storytelling about storytelling? Yes, and it works in this playlist of 6 TED talks about telling stories. Kick back and get educated on a skill every speaker should have in her toolkit.
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