Monday, January 20, 2014

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

Fans of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook see links to good reads, resources and ideas from other sources there, in addition to posts from the blog. But you won't miss a thing, since I'm summarizing that extra content and putting it here on the blog for all readers to see. Here's what I shared in the week just past:
  • A lack of role models: You weren't dreaming. A new report from Catalyst shows little progress in the Fortune 500 in adding women leaders.
  • A-list? In Women in Science: Welcome But Not Welcome, Kate Clancy writes about what happened when her name showed up on a list of women speakers intended to increase their presence on a conference program.
  • Same old song: How you're perceived today as a woman leader has its roots in decades-old images of women in business.
  • From the top: Here are 5 lessons from President Obama's debate trainers to boost your presentation skills.
  • About the picture: Amy Cuddy's advice on striking a power pose to boost your confidence is translated into a handy visual guide. Start taking up more space now!
  • Coming up this week on the blog we're journeying to the United Kingdom for an "Inside Voice" interview with a leading UK speechwriter, and a member of the UK Parliament's call for louder voices on disability rights.
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