Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Be The Eloquent Woman: Workshops in Washington and Oxford

I'm excited to be launching a new workshop, Be The Eloquent Woman, in two locations: Washington, DC and Oxford, UK. The day-long workshop is designed to help women executives and politicians to improve their public speaking, using smart strategies that build on the information you get right here on the blog.

These workshops will combine the research and realities that women face--the perceptions that stand in the way of your success and undermine your confidence--along with the practical advice that will help you subvert those expectations and succeed as a speaker. 

Participants will learn:  
  • Techniques for overcoming fear of big occasions 
  • How to prepare a script 
  • Strategies for speaking with or without notes
  • Advantages women bring to public speaking and how to bring them to the fore
  • Lessons from outstanding women speakers
  • Putting together a "message wardrobe" to be prepared for any speaking situation
  • How to get more speaking opportunities and make the most of them
  • What conference organizers are looking for in speakers, and what's preventing women from achieving parity on conference podiums
  • How women speakers are perceived, in public settings and in the workplace, and how you can subvert expectations
The Washington, DC, session takes place February 28. Go here to register. If you're a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter, you have access to a discount code that will save you $50 on the registration.

The Oxford, UK, session takes place April 2 at Trinity College, as a pre-conference session at the UK Speechwriters Guild conference for speechwriters and business communicators. Go here to register for the Oxford workshop and take advantage of the early-bird discount rate; readers also can use the code Eloquence for a discount. I'm delighted to be working with the Guild again. I keynoted the spring 2013 conference in London, and chaired the autumn conference in Brussels.

Most of all, I'm happy to be putting together the information and inspiration of this blog into workshops for women speakers--I know you can be the eloquent woman. Please join me for these unique professional development opportunities, and share them with your colleagues. Can't come to the workshops on these dates? Email me at eloquentwoman[AT]gmail[DOT]com to find out how we can present a workshop at your next conference or at your workplace.