Monday, April 14, 2014

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

Fans of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook see links to good reads, resources and ideas from other sources there, in addition to posts from the blog. But you won't miss a thing, since I'm summarizing that extra content and putting it here on the blog for all readers to see. Here's what I shared in the week just past:
  • Pressure cooker: LinkedIn's career expert talks about how she's learned to build her confidence under pressure--including public speaking pressure.
  • This is phenomenal: Listen to poet Maya Angelou read her poem "Phenomenal Woman" -- I'm pretty sure she's talking about you.
  • Practice makes perfect: Got a video interview? Here's how to do a practice run.
  • About the quote: When you approve of yourself, you don't need much more to step forward and own the room.
  • Seats are filling: On May 15, I'll be convening another session of Be The Eloquent Woman in Washington, DC. It's a subversive new workshop that helps women executives and public officials learn how women speakers are perceived and how to turn those expectations on their heads with confidence, content and credibility. Seats are filling, so register today!