Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Insights from 7 speakers and speechwriters: Our Inside Voice series

Inside Voice is the interview series in which we ask speakers and speechwriters to share their public speaking insights. They dish storytelling, delivery skills, audience behavior, timing, stress, content, research, rhetoric and much more. Taken together, these seven frank interviews are a treasure trove of advice and encouragement for your own public speaking. Dip into these voices of experience:
  1. "Most speakers resist being vulnerable." TEDMED chief storytelling officer Marcus Webb says vulnerability is the key to authentic speaking.
  2. "The listener will bring their own lens to your presentation." Psychiatrist and author Candida Fink reminds you to keep the audience, as well as what you want to say, in mind.
  3. "Speakers start off with good intentions, but then they lose track of their thread – if they ever had one." Deloitte's top speechwriter Caroline Johns says structure will help your speech "pack a bigger punch."
  4. "You move people through the spoken word. You can persuade them to see the world differently and act on it." Speechwriter Brian Jenner, who heads two international networks in his profession, uses Toastmasters to keep his own speaking skills sharp.
  5. "As an introvert, I am wiped out every time I speak." Author and public relations executive Liz O'Donnell says if that's a "good tired," it means her talk came off well.
  6. "Speeches without people are boring." Speechwriter Amélie Crosson-Gooderham urges you to tell stories with details about people in them to illustrate your points.
  7. "The key to speaking is finding your own voice." Author and management consultant Gillian Davis also finds that writing out her speech helps with delivery.
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