Thursday, July 16, 2015

In a world of #allmalepanels, can we share pics of #eloquentwomen?

I was thrilled with the recent Google Doodle for astronaut Sally Ride's birthday--not just because I'm a fan, but because the animated feature emphasized her public speaking career as well as her work in space exploration.

Ride was a frequent speaker on science education and her "Shoot for the Stars" speech was featured in our own Famous Speech Friday series. And seeing the scenes, even animated, of her speaking made me come back to a thought I've had before: Why don't we see more images of women speaking in public?

I say that as someone who's routinely looking for images of women speakers to illustrate this blog, but also as one who knows that research shows that women give longer and more confident political speeches when they've been exposed to images of female role models.

So can we do this, readers? I'd love to see you share images of women speakers--yourself as a speaker, or a woman speaker you've seen or whom you admire. Tag them #eloquentwomen, and post them in any of these places on the web:
Together, we can reshape the view of public speakers, and encourage more women to participate. Share and tag your photos! Watch the Sally Ride Doodle below for inspiration...

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