Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb. 12 webinar: Public speaking scares me. Should I do it, anyway?

I'm happy to say I'll be presenting on the topic "Public speaking scares me. Should I do it, anyway?" on February 12 at 4pm EST. 

The webinar is sponsored by Medium and organized by the editors of Technically Speaking, which covers public speaking tips and opportunities in the tech world. A reader asked TS to put on content aimed at women who are nervous about public speaking, particularly when they're putting themselves out there with strong opinions. So we'll cover that, along with the variety of things that can prompt nervousness or fear in public speakers and what to do if that's happening to you.

I'm looking forward to a lively discussion. We're doing the webinar as a Hangout on Air, so many can watch the broadcast. Sign up here in advance. I'm looking forward to a good discussion!

(Creative Commons licensed photo by TEDxTalpiot)

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