Thursday, June 4, 2015

She couldn't imagine giving a TEDx talk, but "I did it! Thank you."

I've done lots of talks and workshops on public speaking, and it's always great to hear from the participants when they've put that learning to use. Here's a recent letter from London I received from someone who has attended my talks on public speaking for the Fabian Women's Network, where I shared advice on what goes into a TED-quality talk last year:
Dear Denise, 
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for your excellent Eloquent Woman workshops. I am part of Fabian Women and attended your most recent sessions here in London. I must admit that when I attended the one on giving a TED talk I thought, well it it will be useful even though I can't imagine ever giving an actual TED talk.  
But then this April I was asked to give a TEDx talk at TEDx East End's salon here in London. Your advice from the workshops was invaluable, and I also got a lot of pointers from your blog too.  
Here it is - I can see much room for improvement, but I never would have been able to even consider it without having attended your workshops. 
Thanks so much! 
Kiri Kankhwende
Music to my ears, that is...and I hope it's inspiration for you, if you've ever hesitated to try something out as a speaker. Sometimes putting together what you learn in workshops and on blogs with a real invitation to speak can result in something like a TEDx talk! I'm delighed that Kiri took the time to write, and hope you'll look at the video of her talk, below. 


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