Thursday, August 20, 2015

New! 2 workshops on creating a TED-quality talk set for January 2016

I've spent much of the past five years coaching more than 100 speakers who've been featured on the TEDMED stage, at TEDx conferences around the world, or on to give proper TED talks...and many more to give talks in the style of TED. Often, I do this through the conference, company, or organization fielding the speakers, but now I'm opening 2 one-day workshops on creating TED-quality talks for which anyone can register. Both will take place in January 2016 in Washington, DC, although there are good discounts if you register early. Read on for the details!

What previous participants say

I debuted this workshop in April in Cambridge, UK, at the Spring Speechwriters and Business Communicators conference, and have been planning to bring it to the US ever since. UK workshop participant Dr. Lucy Rogers gave the talk she worked on during the workshop at InspireFest 2015. She said, "Immediately after the talk I had some great feedback – both on twitter and in real life. I even got asked if I had given it as a TED talk – and that I should. I was really chuffed by this - I was aiming for the “TED Quality” talk that Denise had highlighted in her workshop."

What you'll learn

Using examples from different TED formats, I will help you think about how to go beyond merely mimicking this popular style to create your own original and compelling TED-style talk. You'll discover how to plan for the video as well as for the stage, and how to think about your delivery, as well as your talk structure and presentation. You'll learn how and why TED presentations engage, inspire, intrigue, surprise, and put forward "ideas worth sharing." Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to get past the obvious and identify the real story that will become your script
  • Vulnerability, intrigue, and more: The qualities that take TED talks viral
  • What to leave out of your talk
  • Structures and how much you can get into the shorter formats
  • How to decide whether you benefit from using props, slides, or a demonstration
  • Considerations that will help you plan for the video
  • Top delivery tips specific to TED talks, from strong starts to gesture, pace, and vocalizing

Who should register

You should register for this workshop if you:
  • want to give a TED talk, or a TEDx talk, or a TEDMED talk, OR just want to emulate them, shake up your speaking style, get beyond a standard informational PowerPoint presentation
  • are intrigued by the idea of speaking without a lectern or notes, briefly and with impact
  • wondering how you can get your complex topic into a form that advocates just one big idea per talk
  • know, or suspect, that there's no one set format for TED talks...but don't know where to begin
You do NOT need to have a talk prepared to take this workshop, since the workshop is designed to walk you through the planning process. However, it will help if you can arrive at the workshop with some ideas about the "one big idea" you are hoping to communicate in your talk, and be prepared to discuss it.

How to register

You can register for either the January 14 workshop or for the January 28 workshop. Registration is strictly limited to 5 people per session, to allow the optimum amount of interaction. Registration also includes continental breakfast, lunch, and an optional drinks hour at the end of the day. Details are at the links. Don't forget to read my workshop FAQ and policies--when you register, you are indicating you've read these important details on cancellation, refunds, and local travel and lodging options.

Early registration is $724.00, a 25% discount. After October 30, registration at the full price is $965.00.

To get the early registration discount, please register by midnight Eastern US time on October 30, 2015. All registration closes when we reach full participation or December 31, whichever comes first.

Want a bespoke training program instead?

Each year, I train a few groups of executives in bespoke training programs that result in a cadre of speakers who can give talks in the style of TED. Sometimes, their organization or company is preparing them for a major conference, or providing leadership training, or developing a group of eloquent messengers for their cause or company.

I've conducted this type of training for health care executives working for WellSpan Health in Pennsylvania; for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces for Quality projects in 16 cities around the U.S.; and for The Nature Conservancy's Science Impact Project. You can read more about how this mix of workshop and 1:1 coaching works in my post on Coaching a cadre of conference speakers to give TED-quality talks. For more information about such a program for your executives, email me at eloquentwoman AT gmail DOT com.

Please join us!

I'm looking forward to helping two more groups of speakers figure out this engaging way of communicating ideas, and hope you can join us. Please do share this information with colleagues and friends who may be interested. I hope to see you there!

(Creative Commons licensed photo by redonion_TEDx)

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