Friday, October 7, 2016

For #HispanicHeritageMonth, 6 famous speeches by Hispanic women

Over the airways or through a bullhorn, from the bench or the ballpark or the awards stage, these six Hispanic women made their marks with speeches that swayed audiences and set the bar high. And the speeches run the gamut: A radio address, a protest-march speech, an awards acceptance speech, a baseball game live commentary, a convention keynote, and a law school classroom question are all here. I'm delighted to present them during Hispanic Heritage Month. Each of these speeches is part of The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Speeches by Women, and at the links, you will find, where available, video or audio or text of the speeches, along with an analysis and at least three tips you can use based on these speeches for your next speech. Enjoy this vibrant collection!
  1. Anna Maria Chávez at 2011 Girl Scouts Convention didn't just share her own path as a Girl Scout. The CEO of the national scouting organization also got her audience to picture themselves in the lives of future scouts with this inspiring speech.
  2. Dolores Huerta at the Delano Grape Strike March gave this stirring speech as the cap to a 300-mile protest march to shed light on migrant workers' job conditions. Her calls to action were underscored by action words used throughout this speech, all evoking forward motion.
  3. Evita Peron's 1951 Renunciamento was delivered on radio, to tell her adoring public that she would not accept the vice presidency of Argentina, despite calls to do so. Short and poignant, it is among her most powerful speeches.
  4. Jessica Mendoza calls a major league baseball playoff was a first for a woman broadcaster in a sport still plagued by gender discrimination. A ballplayer herself, Mendoza used her experience to take advantage of a lucky break to get on the air--then hit a home run with her delivery, so that the network had to offer her a permanent slot in this prominent speaking role.
  5. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's law school question happened late in her law school education--but caught out the professor in a mistake. It's an important model for women who hold back on asking questions, and a reminder that every question is really just a short speech.
  6. Berta Cáceres's 2015 Goldman Prize Speech, given just months before the Honduran environmental activist was assassinated, shared her steely resolve to see justice done and reflected the way she loomed large in her chosen area of activism.