Thursday, November 10, 2016

My 5 favorite fixes for your #publicspeaking

Well-worn and tried and true, these five fixes are tactics I turn to again and again when I'm coaching speakers. No reason you can't start to put them in play, too--if only you will. While these are deceptively simple fixes, they can have a long-lasting, positive impact on your public speaking. Enjoy putting them to use!
  1. Mindfulness meditation: It takes time to develop a practice of meditation, but it's the best fix for nervousness I know, and easy to do anywhere, even right before you go on stage. If you want a calm, focused presence, and want to avoid nervous over-preparation, this is your fix.
  2. Take care of the speaker's body: Too often, speakers think of public speaking as a mind game, and neglect their bodies. Minding your physical condition will have a big impact on your next speech or presentation. If you want to feel calm, rested, and ready, this is your fix.
  3. Write and learn a script: If you've always been a fan of winging it, or speaking without too much prep, you may be missing the chance to become a really good speaker--as well as one who's on time, every time. This fix can actually help you sound natural and focused.
  4. Don't wear all black: Both men and women need this fix to stand out on stage--and on any video that might be produced of your talk. If you don't want to disappear, fix this.
  5. Hide before and after your talk: This is a secret weapon for introverts, and for stressed-out extroverts who may be reverting to their introverted side. It's a fix for your energy level, and will mean you can have the energy you need for that big speech.
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