Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our top 10 posts on women & public speaking for 2016

On the blog, the posts you read the most included uncomfortable moments, skills to build, stretch goals, myths, and easy but oft-forgotten tips to make you a more eloquent and comfortable as a speaker. Enjoy the most popular posts from the year just past:
  1. My 5 favorite fixes for your public speaking are deceptively simple. But since most speakers breeze right past them, these are still rare reminders of what you need to do. The bonus: You'll see improvements if you try them because, um, they work.
  2. Public speaking save: 8 ways to say "I don't know" gracefully answers one of the great challenges of Q&A: The question for which you don't have the answer. And I don't include "I'll get back to you" on this list.
  3. Smart self-promotion: Six must-haves on your speaker page reminds you to have a speaker page, and how to populate it. Trust me, you'll get better speaking gigs.
  4. 6 myths about slides that are holding you back as a speaker are oft-repeated, widely believed excuses. But they're not helping your presentation as much as you think they are. Find out what to do instead.
  5. The prostitute factor: Why we're not serious about women at conferences points out an open secret about conferences that do little to discourage prostitutes or sexist displays in the name of advertising or entertainment. And we wonder why it's tough to get women on the podium?
  6. Your signature talk: Create a talk or presentation that fits you like a glove is the antidote to that slide presentation anyone can give. Why not craft a speech or presentation that's yours alone?
  7. Let's stop tormenting speakers about these 4 normal qualities tackles some perfectly normal behaviors, from "ums" to over-gesturing, that aren't holding anyone back. Find out the truth here.
  8. New official guide to TED talks shares the 'secret:' It's all in your ideas took a look at TED's guide to creating that one-big-idea talk. It, too, busts some myths about these popular talks.
  9. Instead of wincing, 10 things to look for on the video of your talk shares the checklist I give to all my TEDMED and TEDx speakers once their videos are out. Ask yourself these 10 questions to glean more from your video.
  10. Blindspot: When it comes to women, how famous is famous? solved a conundrum I've noticed since starting this blog. It has real repercussions for how we see--and record--the words of women.
(Creative Commons licensed photo by redonion_TEDx)

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