Thursday, May 4, 2017

Samantha Bee on presenting in a comfortable outfit

If you've ever found yourself on stage for a speaking gig, teetering in your uncomfortable high heels and an outfit you wouldn't normally wear, you'll find refreshing the advice of America's female late-night comedy host Samantha Bee.

In this interview on NPR's Fresh Air with Samantha Bee and her show runner, Jo Miller, host Terry Gross asked her about her signature look for her show outfits:
GROSS: The men on the late night shows wear suits so, you know, the suits might vary, but, you know, in some ways, a suit is a suit, whereas you've developed like a look that you have on the show. How did you develop that look? 
BEE: Well, it's very similar to - it's actually a funny story. It's very similar to the uniform that I wear in daily life. I wear blazers in my life. I have - I just - I love them. I feel very protected in a blazer (laughter). It's like it's my uniform. And when we were in the early days of doing test shows, I had it in my head that I had to wear a dress and high heels. I really did. I thought, OK, when you're a woman, and you're on television, you have to wear a dress, and you have to wear high heels. 
And then we did another test show, and I was wearing high heels. And the heels were so (laughter) - they were such stilettos that the heels were poking through the (laughter) - they were poking through the floor of the set, and it was terrible. 
And we were like, what is she going to do about the high heels? Can you wear a block heel? And I was like, no. They have to be stilettos. 
And then (laughter) - and, actually, a couple of executives from TBS were there. And they pulled me aside after, and they were like, you were so comfortable - seemed to be having so much fun in rehearsal when you were wearing sneakers and a blazer, and then you put on your outfit for the show, and you seem like you're having a terrible time. And they were right. I was having a terrible time because I was so physically uncomfortable. And they were like, why don't you just do the show in the clothes that you want to wear? And I was like, you can do that? I think I will. Thank you. So it was actually a really great - it was a really excellent network... 
MILLER: That was a good network note. 
BEE: Yeah, it really was.
So how about it women speakers? Can you do your next speech in the clothes you want to wear?

(Full Frontal with Samantha Bee photo)

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